With a comprehensive product portfolio, we are capable of fulfilling all packaging needs and unique applications of various industries. Our products can be tailored to meet specific objectives by our extensive team of packaging specialists, whose vast industry knowledge and technical expertise are combined to provide innovative and value-added packaging solutions to customers.


From off-the-shelf to custom-made, we offer a wide selection of packaging you could possibly need. Any materials, structures, or sizes that you want, we have it all. Our packaging can be made in the form of sheet board, processed into a box, and designed into other types of finished products. They are also available in coating and lamination for your special requirements. Moreover, our complement of printing options, from a simple one to multi-color process, is also provided to meet your packaging application requirements.

Regular Slotted Containers (RSC)

Die Cut

Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP)

Offset Packaging

Pallet & Logistics Materials

Whether you need additional protection for your uniquely-shaped products or seek more efficient means for your goods transportation, our team is here to serve you. Our experience and commitment to sustainability lead us to explore more effective ways to transport a wide variety of products. And the right answer would be Pallet & Logistics Materials made from recyclable paper.

We provide customers with standard and customized pallets that meet individual strength and size requirements. Its custom design overcomes the limitation of conventional pallets in terms of disposability, shipping cost, cleanliness, and worry-free from injury while handling the pallets. In addition, Paper Pallet is exempt from international export regulation ISPM 15, making it an ideal solution for exporting among traders all over the world.

Paper Pallet

Big Box

Paper Corner Guard

Partition & Cushion

Merchandising Displays

An eye-catching display can put your brand in the spotlight, capture the attention of busy shoppers, and create opportunities to generate sales. With full understanding of display types such as Floor Display, Counter Display, Standee, Large Scale Mock-up, and Dump Bin, together with our manufacturing expertise, our displays are truly customized in any shapes, sizes, and forms that provide ultimate usability, achieve visibility, and get your products on shelves to sell quickly. Be inspired. Everything you could ever dream of, we can make it all.


Floor Display

Counter Display

Dump Bin

Large Scale Mock-up

Standee & Wrapper

Paper Products

Apart from using corrugated materials in a traditional way, we also offer packaging alternatives for specific utilization. This would not only customize products and packaging to your unique requirements, but also save our world by substituting for more environmentally friendly materials.

Movie Display

Event and Exhibition

Paper Furniture

Festive Products

Mailing box & Accessories

Providing solutions for serving E-commerce business that convenient, speed and specification are priority. Mailing box and accessories for packing and delivery are offered in wide variety of sizes and categories.

Original Collection

Sweet Collection


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